How It Works

Learn how the solar PV and energy storage systems work and what the different components do


1. Solar panel      2. Inverter      3. Battery      4. Switchboard      5. Meter     6. Power grid

  1. The sun's rays enter the solar panel. The photovoltaic cells of the solar panel convert light to DC electricity.

  2. Some DC electricity is converted to AC electricity and used by electrical appliances immediately. Unused DC electricity is saved in the battery for later use.

  3. At night, there is no sun light, power in the battery is converted to AC electricity via the inverter to power the electrical appliances.

  4. Any excess AC electricity is fed back to the electricity grid and any additional demand can be supplied from the grid via the switchboard.

The Panel
The Inverter

The generation of current by the PV Array is DC, that is, direct current. This has to be converted into alternating current (AC) before you can connect it to the utility grid. This inverter is considered to be the heart of the entire system and is responsible for creating AC safely and efficiently.

The Battery

The battery plays the role of energy storage. The design of this battery layout is called a DC-Coupled Energy Storage system. When the solar panel generates more than enough energy to supply this building, this system's main purpose is to store the excess energy for usage when the sun does not shine. This lessens your dependence on the grid and hence reduces your overall power bill.

The Switchboard
The Meter

​Electricity is generated through the solar cells, these solar cells are clustered together to form a panel or a module. These several modules are further grouped together to form a PV Array.

You may find the switchboard as an enclosure of circuit breakers and fuses to your building. The switchboard controls the power to your electrical applicances and is therefore the main interface between all energy sources and your electrical consumption. There are a few types of switchboards currently found in Australian buildings. It is advisable to make sure your switchboard is up-to-date to prevent any fire hazard.

As the name already suggests, the utility meter tells you, as well as the power company, how much power you have consumed, and how much power you will feed into the utility grid. This meter keeps a consistent track of both of these values.

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