Good Quality Home Solar Components

Investing in good components is crucial so that your solar system can actually result in saving your electricity bill, as any breakdown in any critical part may result in costly repair and set back your payback period longer.

In Supply and Install the Solar Solution we have provided you with information and insights in choosing quality home solar components,  ensuring your investment is worthy and your solar system is long lasting. 

Taking example of a good and reliable inverter, which is typically covered by manufacturer’s warranty between 5-10 years, and with lifespan of up to 20 years. Even after investing in a good inverter, to ensure long lifespan as advertised we cannot stress enough that the component is installed and used as intended, with no abuse of the component in any way. Examples of abuse are as follow:

•    Altering physical or software configurations in the inverter without engaging a qualified installer,
•    inverter installed in area with high moisture, such as within or very close proximity to shower room, or near cooking stove,
•    Inverter installed on a weak wall.

Be sure to clarify with your installer or manufacturer on what are the necessary precautions to take, and general good practices to take care of your inverter. 

For solar system that comes with battery storage, some attentions are to be given as well. Typical Australian households that have solar system with battery storage are on hybrid solar system – solar system with grid connection, and batteries. And while you think you might not be using the batteries as much, they do degrade even faster if not properly taken care of. Batteries are getting cheaper as technology advances and competition increases, but they still cost a lot to replace.

A good solar system battery should last at least 10 years before it loses storing capability, and it should always be installed in area with low humidity, and away from direct sunlight. Ideally, surrounding temperature should be low as well, although that is not always possible, especially during summer. Do not put any foreign objects, especially anything metal base in direct contact with the battery, as the battery most likely would discharge without you realising. 

Typically, manufacturer’s warranty covers between 5-10 years, depending on brands. If your battery is faulty or loses performance within 3-4 years of usage, and the manufacturer finds evidence of abusive usage or improper installation, your warranty might even be voided, although this rarely occurs. 

Few commonly sighted brands in Australia are LG Chem, Enphase, and TrinaBESS. Expect more brands of energy storage system to rise in popularity in your local market soon as well, which should see stiffer competition and more attractive prices in the market.

How about your solar panels? Is there any special care needed? The answer is YES, although not as troublesome as some may imagine. The solar panels have no moving parts, so they hardly breakdown, unless physically damaged by objects like fallen branches. Depending how dusty your surrounding area is, do periodic inspections on the panels for any physical damage, and regularly hose down the panels to maintain a clear and dirt-free surface to ensure maximum performance.

If there are stubborn stains on the panels’ surface, use soft sponge or window cleaning squeegee along with some soupy water to gently clean the surface. Avoid using strong cleaning agent such as detergent, as they might leave scratch marks on the panels’ surface. Solar panels that are properly taken care of are known to last for more than 25 years and still performing well.

If you have any queries or require more information on how to ensure long lasting performance for your solar systems, or simply eager to learn more before deciding, contact us at Brightcell with no strings attached and we are more than happy to assist.

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