Understand and Calculate Electrical Usage

We can easily estimate and calculate electrical usage based on your recent electricity bills. For any typical Australian home, we place each household into one of the following categories.

Occupants away from home in the daytime

If you are away for work during the typical daytime office hours, or have schooling children, your electrical consumption will be highest at night when all occupants are at home.

Majority of Australian households fall under this category and a solar energy system will still work well for you! It simply means the size of solar system you need is likely to be smaller. Even when you are not home, you still have appliances that consume electricity (for example refrigerator, cordless phones, WIFI, laptops and TVs on standby). Also, if you have a pool pump running all day, getting a solar energy system to power your home is possibly one of the wisest decisions you will ever make!

We also highly recommend that you work with the appliances you have to save on your electricity bills. Features such as timer-delay functions are now common in everyday appliances. Setting your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer to run in the daytime when the sun is brightest will also help you to save on costs. These are often the highest energy consuming monsters appliances at home, and utilising the technology wisely can make a huge difference in your electricity bills.


Households with occupants at home in the day

If you work night shifts or if you are a housewife or househusband who stays home during day, your energy consumption will be highest during the day as household appliances such as the TV, rice cooker, kettle, vacuum cleaner, microwave and oven are most likely used this time. Having a better idea of your electricity bills will enable us to choose an appropriately-sized system for your home.

A small home office


In such households, we expect your electricity consumption to be more evenly distributed throughout the day and having a solar power system will translate to huge savings and greatly offset the energy usage from the grid. Imagine saving $300 or more in your quarterly bill! This means that you are on your way to recouping your investment into the solar power system in no time!

Knowing which category your household falls under can assist in calculating the size of the power solar system that suits you best, more accurately. This will also enable us to estimate your payback period. Choosing a system that is too small might not enable you to achieve the electricity savings you desire, while choosing a system that is too large will result in high installation costs, thus affecting your payback period.

To put it simply, having the right size of solar power system can maximise your savings!

However, do you know how energy consumption is measured at your home? In your electricity bill, you would have noticed that your electricity consumption is measured in kWh (kilowatt-hour), which simply reflects the amount of energy consumed, while the power rating for each electrical appliance is measured in kW (kilowatt).

 As an example, let’s say that your electrical kettle is rated at 2000W. How do you measure the energy consumed while boiling that jug of water?

Firstly, convert watts into kilowatts (2000W = 2kW). Then, multiply that by the time taken to boil the water in minutes (estimated to be around 3 minutes). Lastly, divide this by 60.

Thus, we have:

2kW X 3 / 60 hour = 0.1kWh energy consumed for each jug of water boiled.

Do the same calculation for other appliances at home and you would have a very good estimate of your home energy consumption.

We hope that you have a better idea about your utility bill, and a solar power system can work in your favour by offsetting the grid power and save you money.

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